A Nightmare

I was too tired and sleepy. I brushed my teeth and jumped on the bed. Soon I fast asleep and got a weird, strange and incredible dream. Now, you tell that it is good or bad, ordinary or mysterious.

It was night-time. It was a long time since I have been gone out of the house for a night walk and decided to go out today so, I opened the door and saw something unusual and frightening. I saw three wolves at my doorstep, staring at the door. I got very much frightened and wondered how wolves came into this urban area. I did not want to go inside the house because I have been out for such a long time. So, I put my hand on my heart and started walking from the aside. The continuous staring of wolves lends my heart to beating louder. Suddenly, wolves began running towards me. I was so scared that I couldn’t think what to do, so I run as fast as I could. I thought today I would become the dinner of the wolves. Soon, I released that I was in the same spot while running and wolves were also in the same place. Suddenly, I started running at the speed of a bullet train. After a lot of time running around, I was too tired, stopped and was happy to see that the wolves were gone. If I had run in a marathon like this, then I would have won the first position.

I saw a tree near which has fruits which were looking very tasty. So, I tiredly sat under the tree. Unexpectedly, I heard someone saying “Hello”. I looked around and shouted in fear, “Who is it”. And found nobody around. I got too scared. Again the same voice, “Hello, I am the tree look above”. I fearfully looked above and saw the tree talking. I fearfully shouted, “Aaaaaaaaaaa, Help – Help”. It replied, “Do not be afraid I am a friendly tree. Will you become my friend?”. We shook hands as a sign that I accepted his friendship. I told him the whole incident took place with me. I said, “Now, I forgot the way of my home. Can you help me out?”. The tree said, “I will surely tell you the way to your home back but first you all this running would have made you tired and hungry so, here you go eat to fruit”. He bent his branch and gave me the fruit. I took the fruit and was observing it. It was more like an apple in Blackish-blue colour. As soon as I ate the fruit, I fell asleep.

Then can you guess what happened? Yes, When I opened my eyes, I was in bed at my home. Now, you answer my question, ‘It was a dream or a reality, good or bad, ordinary or mysterious?’

The End

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8 responses to “A Nightmare”

  1. It was really good Deepaana. Keep it up! Your imagination skills are great.
    Really thoughtful 😃

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