Who am I?

Guess who am I,
I have a brownish body with hair green,
My legs are deep under the earth that can’t be seen.
My hands are thin but brown,
Which hold the hairs like a crown.

Guess who I am,
I never walk; I never run and stay at one.
But I breathe, I’m a living being.
I stand up all my life, either it’s cold or the sun,
But still, I have a lot of fun.

Guess who I am,
My beloved season is fall.
It is the best time for me to grow, take birth and all.
Winter is the season when I freeze,
In that snow and chilling breeze.
Spring is the season when I blossom,
And enhance my beauty with freshness and perfume.
Summer is the season that I barely like when I’m grey and old,
And I have a terrible hair fall, but still, I am your Green Gold.
The rainy season is the ideal one when showers make it fun.
It is the time to bathe, wash out the sadness and dirt.
These are the seasons of the year and that makes my life happy and pleasure.

Guess who I am,
You are dependent on me of all you need
I make the earth a place to live.
Without me, you can’t imagine how it would be.
I’m crying, I’m dying, please, ‘Save Me!’.


Who is the speaker in the above poem? Can you guess? Please reply in the comment section below.

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