What’s the secret?

What a tall building! Such a big pool for swimming lessons! What lovely grassy ground to play and have fun with friends! Emma, a fifteen-year-old girl with no parents or family, lives alone in a small house. It’s her first day at the new school, feeling pretty nervous but excited. She stood in a corner and watched the students who were laughing and talking with one another. She was pleased to see the student talking with each other respectfully and thought as the children here are so friendly, new colleagues she’ll make will also be good to her. When Emma saw four senior students coming towards her, she thought, “I’m new here so, the seniors will bully and make fun of me”. With this fear, she ran to her class. On her way, she accidentally bumped into a beautiful girl named Ella. She was a popular and kind girl at the school. Both of the girls apologized to each other. Ella said, “I haven’t seen you here before; Are you a new student? What’s your name?”. Emma agreed to her phase, introduced herself and asked Ella to be friends with her. The girl agreed to the proposal. 


Same time, the bell rang. Guess what, the first period started. The girls were sincere to their class and went to their respective classrooms. Within a minute, the teacher came. Emma was a sincere student and, all teachers were impressed by her. At lunchtime, she made two more friends named Ivy and Olive. They were nice to her and helped her with school work. During one of the classes, she found out that Ella was one of her classmates. Emma was glad that she met Ella once again. 

In between the last period, a long bell rang. Miss Lily, an English teacher, was thinking, it’s not the time of dispersal yet. Suddenly, a teacher entered our classroom in fear. She said, “Quick! come out of the building! Three giant birds have attacked us, quick”. Everyone ran out in panic. Emma saw three giant dragons breathing fire. As soon as dragons saw Emma, they started licking her. Emma turned into a pretty angel; everyone was in a big shock. Ivy, Olive and Ella were crying in fear. Emma said, “I am sorry ma’am. I am sorry friends. These are my dragons, very sorry for the trouble”. She waved her wand and said, “Emma’s wand, Emma’s wand show your magic. Erase the memory of what had happened. Fix up the damage on the earth and take me to that beautiful world. Emma’s wand, Emma’s wand”. All the things were like before and, Emma flew away.

The alarm rang with a loud noise. Emma woke up, took a sigh of relief and said to herself, “Thank god it was just a dream”. She was too happy that her secret is still a secret. Now you tell me what was Emma’s secret she is an angel on earth or she has dragons or she is going to a new school or it’s something else mysterious.

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  2. Just so beautiful Deepaana ❀❀❀❀
    Such nicely and well written πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Thank you so much Prabhnoorβ™₯️β™₯️. Please share it with your friends and family!

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