Horrific Birthday Suprise!

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The birthday boy – Aldric

Mom – Ms Lily

Friend 1 – Crystal and Panda

Friend 2 – Hydra and giraffe

Friend 3 – Oliver and Lion

Friend 4 – Aaron and Monkey

Friend 5 – Berfin and Primitive man

Scene 1: Night before the birthday

Mom – Aldric, go to sleep now.

Aldric – Okay. Good night Mom! Love you.

Mom – Love you too, sweetie!

(Ms Lily and Aldric are walking in the jungle.)

(Suddenly! a panda, a lion, a giraffe, a monkey and a Primitive man come in front of them. They screamed, panicked and ran as fast as they could. Animals followed him with some meat and worms.)

Panda (Deepana) – Booooooo Birthday

Lion (Shaurya) – Raaaa birthday birthday

Monkey – Happy Happy Birthday, Happy birthday

Primitive man (Chirag) – Janga Lala Ho Ho Birthday Ho Ho

Giraffe (Vani) – Happy Happy birthday

Aldric – Aaaaaaaaaa, (screamed and woke)

Mom – Aldric! my child, what happened, dear?

Aldric – Ohh! Thank god, it was just a dream.

Mom – Maybe you have been through a terrible dream. It’s fine! Go to sleep!

Scene 2: Aldric’s day

(The night gone, morning came with Aldric’s joy.)

Aldric – Mom, what is there today.

Mom – Hmmmmmmm, (thinking)

Aldric – Mom! (Agersoin)

Mom – Oh yes, today is the rose day, right! Happy Rose Day, honey!

Aldric – (crying and left)

Mom – Hahahaha (laughing). I shall order the cake for his birthday party.

Scene 3: Jungle safari

(Aldric’s mom planned a surprise for Aldric. She has covered Aldric’s eyes with a cloth, took his cake, and drove to the destine)

Aldric – Mom, what is this? Where are we going?

Mom – Have patience!

Mom – Ya, there! We reached! I’ll open your eyes now!

Aldric – Mom, mom! Some wild animals have attacked us! My dream, my dream came true. Mom! Mom!

Mom – Aahhh, how are you, animals? You reach for the party on time.

Aldric – Mom, aren’t you scared. Did you invite animals to a party?

Mom – Yess! See how cute they are

Aldric – Hmm, something is not True. How come their eyes are like that! (thinking) Ohh! you are my friends Crystal, Aaron, Berfin, Hydra and Oliver, my dear friends. Mom, you remembered my birthday. Yay, yahoo. Thank you, everyone.

(Aldric’s friends took off their costumes and wished Aldric a very Happy Birthday.)

Oliver:- No! no! no! no! Don’t take off your costumes. Let’s take a selfie.

Hydra:- Let take the selfie from my gold iPhone. It is better than Oliver’s mobile. It’s the latest model that my father gifted me last month. It was about $1974892.08.

Berfin:- $1974892.08 is equal to 14.7 crores in Indian rupees and 1704134.38 Euro and 7254173.59 in United Arab Emirates Dirham and…

Aldric:- Berfin?(In shock), Okay, just leave everything and let’s just a selfie.

Crystal:- Okay! Okay. Leave your phones, dear. They are harmful to our nature, our eyes. It harms our birds. Birds are one of the most important creatures on earth. They…

Aaron:- Oh my god, not again. Seriously Crystal. Do not make us bored. Aldric! Leave this nature lover. Let’s party!

Aldric:- Do not say like that, Aaron. It is fine! now, let’s do the cake cutting. I am sure mom has got a cake for me.

(Everybody sings a Happy birthday, song!)

Hydra:- I am very sure that I am the only one who has given you the most loyal and expensive gift. I have an Ipad for you.

Crystal:- Hydra! Money is nothing but nature give you the most valuable thing, Blessings. I request my nature, trees, plants and animals to bless Aldric with all the happiness and prosperity of the world. But for my mother’s solace, I want to give you a piano. but …

Aaron:- You, stay quiet! Aldric, I got you a cricket set.

Berfin:- I got a chessboard for you, Aldric. It will sharpen your mind.

Aldric:- Thank you so much, all my precious friends.

Oliver:- Okay, everybody! So let’s take a memorable picture. Crystal, Aaron, Berfin, Hydra, Aldric come into the frame. 

Say, ‘Happy animal birthday, Aldric’.

The End

Who is the speaker in the above poem? Can you guess? Please reply in the comment section below.

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