A Thrilled Night

It was almost midnight. I was driving home from a party with my friends. I was in a good mood, singing and thinking about my friends, just giggling in my world. Suddenly, I heard some creepy sounds and my car stopped. I was very terrified as it was a silent and horrific place. I got out of the car to check what had happened. As soon as I came out, I was just so annoyed to see some nails on the way. Guess what, a tyre punched!

Without wasting a minute, I picked up my phone to call the mechanic, but there was no internet. So I myself opened the car’s boot to look for Stepney, but unfortunately, Stepney also punched. Again the creepy sound I was badly horrified that even my hands and legs were shivering with fear. I was in such a miserable condition that I would even not wish for my enemies to have. I was screamed and cried for help, but no one came.

Suddenly, somebody put a hand on my mouth. I thought it was a kidnapper and was trying to get rid of the person and, as always, I did what I wanted. But the things were not over yet! When I turned around, I saw a horrific, terrifying and blood-freezing one. I saw four Spirits! The same I fell unconscious.

Now, guess what happened. When I opened my eyes at 2:00 at night, I saw I was at my friend’s, Emma’s house and all my friends who came to the party last night were there and were laughing like anything. I said, “What happened? Why are you laughing? I was on that street so, how did I reach here?”. Ava told me the whole story. She explained they all knew I would go home from that route as it was the only path to my home. So, they played a trick on me as I was out of town on Halloween; they couldn’t celebrate with me. They flooded the nails all over the road and, they themselves dressed as ghosts. I was super annoyed that I wanted to beat them all. But then I remembered something, ‘MY MOM’. Mom told me to return home before 1:00 at night. Now, She’ll scold me a lot. Emma read my expressions and clapped three times. I think it is pretty easy for you to guess what happened next. Yes, mom was there and a dog in her hand. I couldn’t explain how happy I was. I wished to pet a dog since I was a little girl that finally came true. My mom said, “Happy Children’s Day, Darling!”. I had no words to say and just kissed her on her cheek.

Were you thrilled with the above story? Do you like the gift of the mother? Please reply in the comment section below.

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