Life is a Mirror: Be Kind

24 years old Kind Girl: Crystal

Crystal’s Friend: Olivia

Restaurant Manager: James

News Reporter: Sardhvi

Crystal’s Mother

28 years old Future Rich Girl: Marie Davis


Crystal’s Mother: What are you doing, Crystal? This is not the way you should behave!

Crystal: Mother but, what’s my fault? I am just helping needy people.

Crystal’s Mother: Now you are giving them the all-time food and some cash, and one day you will give away all the wealth and property to these beggars. This way, we’ll be on-road and like them.

Crystal: Mummy, I am just giving them the food wasted in our restaurants and $2 to each one. We are so wealthy can’t we just give them $2 each day. You are such an insensitive person. (with tears in her eyes she ran to her room)


One day…

Crystal’s Mother: What is this, Crystal? Did you take the help of my manager to do all this charity thing?

Crystal: Yes mamma, but…

Crystal’s Mother: I don’t want to hear a single word further! Go to your room!

Crystal rushes to her car, crying.

Crystal’s Mother: At least, I didn’t expect this from you! I thought you will be loyal to me, James.

Manager James: Believe me, Ma’am! I was just helping Ms. Crystal to get the food for the needy as this helped in not wasting food and it is a good thing too.

Mother: Not a single word now! ( with anger ) You’re fired. Never show me your face again!

Manager James: But Ma’am, at least listen to me…

Crystal’s Mother: Go, I don’t want to listen to a thing now.

Manager James: Okay! I also do not want to do a job in which the owner is not kind enough. (with aggression)

The James leaves…


Crystal reaches to her friend Olivia. The bell rang Olivia opens the door and was surprised to see Crystal crying at her doorstep.

Olivia: Crystal! Why are you crying, dear?

Crystal: Olivia! I can’t explain my mother’s thinking she lives in her own world. She is asking me not to be helpful. We have so much wealth that we are the richest personalities in the world, can’t we give a little to these beggars.

Olivia: Don’t worry, she’ll have to pay for her sins one day. God is watching everyone.

Crystal: But she is my mother she should understand my feelings.

Olivia: Just keep faith in God he will one day give her a lesson. Calm down!

Crystal: Thanks, Olivia!

Olivia: There is no need for thanks, we are friends. Now you must be feeling sleepy. Go home and sleep well. Bye!

Crystal: Okay! Bye!

7 years later…

News Reporter: Today, Time Travel news is going to give you a motivational story of a beggar who changed the mindset of the whole world by opening a restaurant brand that is so successful now. She has set an excellent example for others. She is today’s one of the brightest entrepreneurs, Marie Davis. She states that the hand before her success was a girl who provided her all-time food and $2 each day when she was in need. She use to save that money and soon she had enough to buy a small home and started a little home business of food supply which soon became a famous restaurant brand we widely know as “EAT AND REPEAT”. She is thankful to that girl named “Crystal”.

We will meet you soon with some big and interesting news. This is Reporter Sardhvi from Time Travel news.

Crystal’s Mother: (switches off the T.V. and speaks to herself) This girl, Marie is flourishing day by day and we are depleting because of this competition. We have so many loans on our heads… This way, we have to shut our restaurants spread all over the world.

A year later. Crystal had a terrible fever and her mother did not even have a single penny to pay

Doctor: You need to pay $100 to get started with the treatment. Ma’am!

Crystal’s Mother: (crying) I can’t afford to pay that Doctor.

Doctor: Sorry mam, but you pay the amount as per the hospital policies.

Crystal’s Mother: (crying)

Marie: Doctor! I’ll pay her bill.

Crystal’s Mother: You are Marie Davis! The founder of EAT AND REPEAT! I can’t believe that! But why are you helping me? You don’t even know who I am!

Marie: Please don’t ask! I’ll pay.

Doctor: Kindly complete all the formalities.

Mom: Thank you very very much. You come like God for me and my child.


A week later

Doctor: Now you are fit to go home.

Crystal: Thank you, doctor.

Marie: Hi Crystal How are you’re feeling now?

Crystal: Hi Marie, What a pleasant surprise!

Crystal’s Mom: Do you know her personally? She paid your hospital bill!

Crystal: Oh, thank you so much, Marie. See Mamma, good always reflects. I helped her when she was in need. Now she paid it back to me.

Manager James: (to Marie) Ma’am, we have a meeting today at 12:00 noon with…(stops when saw Crystal and her mother)

Marie: Ya, I forgot that, thanks James. I need to leave now guys, it is already 11:30.

Crystal’s Mom: Manager James? You? here?

Manager James: Now I am not your manager so stop calling me that.

Marie- I don’t know what happened amongst you all but I would say forget whatever happened in past and go for the future.

Moral: Good always reflects.

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