Step By Step Easy Reindeer Puppet

Preparation Time

Material Required:

*A4 size white sheet- 1
*Brown A4 size pastel sheet – 2
*Red glaze paper – 1
*Brown/Black sketch pen


First, let us make some cutouts using the above material:

*One circle of 4.5 cm diameter (with red glass paper or red sparkle paper)

*Two big eyes 4.5 cm diameter (with white pastel sheet) Sample of the eye is given below.

*Two big antlers of 7 cm(with brown pastel sheet) Sample of the antler is given below.

*Two cutouts of leaf-shaped ears of 4 cm (with brown pastel or brown origami sheet)Sample of the ears is given below.

*One U- shaped tongue cutout (with red glass paper) Sample of the tongue is given below.

Then let us make the body. Take a brown A4 size sheet. Fold it as shown in the below video.

Now just stick your cutouts to your body and your reindeer puppet is ready for your to play with🥳


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